Commissioning of pilot test site
in road construction


  • Continuous passive and real-time monitoring of traffic and road integrity
  • Parallel analysis of distributed temperature, strain, and acoustics

A pilot measurement was carried out in cooperation with FOMON and Autobahn GmbH. In order to investigate the potential of distributed fiber-optic measurements in road construction, measurement cables were installed in the road surface in different construction sections of a newly built highway. The aim is to obtain traffic-related information as well as information on the integrity of the pavement over its service life. For this study, four individual measurement cables were installed - three cables crossing the pavement and one long cable installed parallel to the pavement over a distance of approximately 900 m. The end of the cable was looped so that transverse forces and movements could also be recorded. During the asphalting work, continuous measurements were carried out using DTS ("distributed temperature sensing"). In addition, acoustic data (up to 1000 Hz) were recorded via the transverse cables.

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